It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the complexities of travel, especially when you’re trying to save.

I can’t tell you how many hours I have spent staring at my computer screen, head aching from all the cheap flight ads, “great deals” and websites with obscure offers. So I decided to get smart about travel.

Articles like the one below are a great start because they give you a practical foundation to begin saving for travel without having to wade through endless tabs on comparison sites.

If you have had any luck earning credit card points for travel (still a bit of a mystery to me!), or have other creative ideas for traveling smart, I want to hear from you!



11 Easy Ways to Save Money on Flights

Want to know some ways to save money on your next vacation? It helps to know the cheapest days to fly.

As a smart traveler, you understand that paying for airfare is one of your biggest travel expenses. By juggling your travel dates, you can save hundreds each time you book a flight.

But, choosing the best day to fly is only part of the process…(click on the logo or title to read more!)