I’ve always hated driving. Putting aside from my love of public transportation and getting work done on-the-go, I am a terribly irresponsible car owner.

There are many reasons to choose ridesharing. I personally find it’s more for convenience than frugality, because it’s not always cheap.

This article about ridesharing companies gave me a much clearer idea of the options available in my area (Chicago), and others I could make use of while traveling.

Hope you find it helpful!


10 ridesharing companies that can make your work trip more efficient

Uber and Lyft have become household names in many cities. Peer-to-peer car services such as ridesharing, carpooling, and car sharing have become simple, efficient first steps to take toward a sharing economy and ultimately, more trusting communities.

But these two behemoths of the ridesharing industry aren’t the only ones to choose from — and they shouldn’t be. Both companies are facing backlash in cities around the US, leaving room for other startups and services that offer ridesharing and carpooling to gain ground in the market…(CLICK on the title or logo to read more!)