I am not one of those freelancers who dreams of living on my own farm, surrounded by nothing but animals and scenery. I love my space (and want to build my own someday!), but I still require access to a train line and the local library.

But I found this article fascinating because it never really occurred to me to look into alternative, “off the grid” revenue streams. And now I’m glad I did!

This is for those of you who really love the quiet life, or need income ideas in case of a zombie apocalypse. Would you ever try any of these? Have you?

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10 Small Business Ideas for Stay at Home, Off-Grid Thrifty Self Employed Individuals

I must say that the title doesn’t sound as good as I wanted it to sound, but that matters the least. What actually matters is that I have for you below 10 ideas for starting off grid small businesses at home, if you want to be a thrifty self employed. Or just a self employed person: no boss, no schedules set in stone, just you doing what you love most (Click on logo or title to read more!)