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AirBnB -much like ridesharing services Uber and Lyft- has become not only an affordable option for convenient travel, but now provides an extra income opportunity.

I’ve been traveling with AirBnB for three years and am a big fan. If I had the space (four people renting a two-bedroom apartment), I’d sign up to be a host in a flash…but would that really be legal?

This article takes you through the process of negotiating an AirBnB deal with your landlord, and explains why getting their permission is REALLY important.

How to Get Landlord Permission to Host on Airbnb

You want to know the number one question I get asked, over and over?

I want to rent on Airbnb, but I have a landlord.  How do I approach them and get permission to rent out my space?

I’ll admit, that question is a bit of a doozie but let’s walk through it.

I, like many others, do not own my Airbnb property.  I rent it.

And, like anyone in that situation, it is not up entirely to me to rent out the property.  At the end of the day, your property owner decides if your Airbnb dreams sink or float. (CLICK on the title or logo to read more!)