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One of my favorite old-fashioned terms is “busman’s holiday”. According to Urban Dictionary, the term comes from the 1800s, where bus drivers would end up taking a bus when they went on vacation.

Whether it’s practicing our art, generating leads or communicating with clients, freelancers find it hard to avoid the “working holiday”. If pressed, we’ll cry poor, and claim we’re too busy to switch off for a few days.

No longer!

Sara Horowitz, founder of the Freelancer’s Union, gives excellent advice on making that vacation a reality (and affordable!).

What are your holiday plans for the summer, freelancer?



How do freelancers take vacations? Like this.

We all deserve a break — even if we don’t get a traditional paid vacation.

The ability to take time off isn’t just about margaritas and sun tans. It’s just one piece of what we like to call Meaningful Independence: Having the ability to pursue your passions and take time to recharge when you need it, secure in the knowledge that you’re connected to people, groups, and institutions that have your back (CLICK on title or logo to read more!)

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