This is a problem we all deal with, am I right? No matter what type of freelance or independent work you do, charging a fair price and learning to negotiate with potential clients are invaluable skills for your business.

And your bank account!

I’m primarily a writer, so it took a bit of extra research to find pricing guides for freelance work in general. The article below is targeted towards journalists, but the principles of pricing can be applied to every freelance career, and it also provides some further great resources for creatives.

What's a fair rate?

Pay rates for freelancers can vary considerably, from job to job and country to country. But doing a little research should help you decide what’s fair and what’s not.

How much you get paid – for an assignment, picture, story or footage – will probably depend on many factors: the market that you work in (e.g. print, photography, broadcast), who you’re working for (e.g.,magazine, newspaper, NGO, web publisher), the country in which you’re working, and your expertise and experience.  It will also depend on the deal you’re prepared to make.

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