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For a more light-hearted take on living a simple life, I highly recommend “Jane Austen’s Guide to Thrift”, which sits in pride of place on my bookshelf.

As with so many of my greatest finds, I came across it at the library in my many searches for good resources. It took only a few moments of skimming to tell that I had found what I wanted and the very next day, it was on my Amazon wish list.

“Jane Austen’s Guide” is a new perspective on an old problem…or perhaps an old perspective on one.

The authors, Kathleen Anderson and Susan Jones, English professors and long-time Austen fans, use Jane’s best-known characters to illustrate different types of thrift (or lack of!) and combine 19th and 21st century scenarios in a humorous, yet meaningful way. As Jane Austen spent her entire life as a single young woman who had to live frugally, her novels have a lot to tell us about the concept of “living within one’s means”.

A great Austen fan myself, this was a very pleasant change from the drier, heavier books I’ve read on budgeting and living simply. Roth IRAs and stock market options may still be a bit beyond me, but I can appreciate some good, old-fashioned advice from a favorite author (and probably remember it longer!).

Who says finance can’t be fun?

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Let Jane be your guide to personal finance

I’m happy to recommend one of my favorite books on living a simple, classy life