The thing I love most about living simply is that it solves two big problems in our world today: overspending and unnecessary pollution. By buying less stuff, relying more on DIY and repurposing current resources in innovative ways, we are making the best possible use of our world…and our wallets!

Who says being eco-friendly has to be expensive?

This article from Best Kept Self, a great resource for health and self care -their tagline is literally “self-help for the self-employed”-, gives us some great tips…and all in a cool infographic!

Check it out (and stay tuned for some of LTF’s fave resource for budget style!):

Why we love luxury for less (and you should too!)

“Being self employed is the most difficult financial undertaking I’ve ever attempted! Every single quarter I take a look at the money I send in for taxes and what is left over and ask myself, “How is anyone supposed to live on this?!”

For real, I’d probably have more disposable income if I worked for someone else. Trouble is, I value my freedom waaaay too much! I’d rather have to make ends meet on a threadbare budget than the alternative.

And if you’re reading this my guess is that you agree.” (CLICK the logo or title to read more!)


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