LiveTHRIVEFreelance is all about redefining what success as a freelancer looks like.

To most of us, it means making good money and having spare time to spend it.

But what about living a healthy life?

What about pursuing dreams outside of work?

What about taking care of yourself so you can be the best you can be at what you do?

The LTF Project challenges entrepreneurs to find that balance between their practical, potential and professional lives

…And to always strive for MORE with LESS!

LiveTHRIVEFreelance is a resource for creative self-employed and independent workers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and anyone who needs a little simplicity in their lives!

Currently, all our events and partnerships are taking place in and around the Chicagoland area.



Hi! I’m Leanna Johnson, founder of the LiveTHRIVEFreelance (LTF) Project.

As a budget freelancer, I know it’s a struggle to balance work and personal life.

Even before my brand, Lost Lass, became a reality, I would search the internet for free resources to keep up my freelancing while I worked several part-time jobs to pay the bills. I always found myself asking, “Am I crazy for thinking I can do this?

Fast-forward to me setting up my own business and facing even MORE stress. I was constantly struggling with budgeting, balancing and achieving the goals I had set for myself…and then I realized that without even knowing it, I had already accomplished quite a bit:

-Setting up a business by myself

-Finding clients

-Working full-time from home

-Managing a career on top of mental health issues

And all on a budget smaller than the average American family’s monthly food bill!

I’m learning to define my success differently, not by what it earns me, but by the quality of the work I do and the life I pursue outside of it.

Join me as I strive for MORE with LESS!